Kayaking is a popular summer activity, but it can be frustrating when your paddle slips out of your hands.

Kayak grip tape is the perfect solution to this problem! It provides a reliable grip so you can focus on enjoying your kayaking experience.

There are many different types of kayak grip tape available, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose. This article will help you make the right decision for your needs so you can keep your kayak paddling smoothly all summer long.

So, check out our recommendations below for the best kayak grip tape products and pick up a few rolls today!

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the kayak grip tapes below! Each one was carefully selected by our editors and a few may have been sent as samples for us to evaluate, but all opinions in this article are our own. GroundedReviews may collect a share of the sales or compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (at no additional cost to you). Our reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Enjoy finding your next favorite thing!

How We Selected These Kayak Grip Tapes

Kayaking is a ton of fun, but if your hands start to slip off the paddle, it can quickly ruin your day.

It can be really tough to find the best kayak grip tape out there. There are so many products on the market, and it's hard to know which one will work best for you.

But don't worry, we've got you covered! Our expert reviewers have spent hours researching the best kayak grip tapes on the market to find the best options for you. In this article, we'll walk you through top paddle grip tapes and help you pick the perfect one for your needs.

Core Prodigy Fusion Grip Tape

Best Kayak Grip Tape For Versatility & Comfort

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Why It's a Great Choice:

Kayakers, this is the grip tape you've been waiting for! With Core Prodigy Fusion Grip Tape, you can get a strong grip on your paddle and take your Kayaking skills to the next level. This high-quality grip tape is also perfect for sports equipment and home uses - it provides a sticky grip without any residue on your equipment or hands. So whether you're at the gym or on the open water, Core Prodigy Fusion Grip Tape will help you stay in control.

Top Things to Know:

Kayakers know that having a good grip on their paddle is essential for a successful outing. Not only does it provide stability and power, but it can also help keep you safe by preventing the paddle from slipping out of your hands. This summer, make sure to choose the best kayak grip tape for your needs to get the most out of your paddling experience.

One great option for kayakers this season is Core Prodigy Fusion Grip Tape. This high-quality silicone tape provides a water-resistant, long-lasting grip that will not slip even in wet conditions. It is also lightly padded for additional comfort during long days out on the water.

Best of all, it requires no adhesive and can be easily removed when desired. So if you're looking for an easy-to-use grip tape that will keep you stable and comfortable no matter what, Core Prodigy Fusion Grip Tape is a great choice!

Hornet Watersports Silicone Kayak Grip Tape

Best Dedicated Kayak Grip Tape For Paddles

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Why It's a Great Choice:

Having a good grip on your paddle is essential for a successful kayaking journey. That's why Hornet Watersports has created the best kayak grip tape around! This silicone-based grip tape is easy to install, comes in 6 vibrant colors, and will make sure your paddle stays in your hands no matter how choppy the waters get. Don't let poor-quality grip tape keep you from conquering the open seas!

Top Things to Know:

This summer, make sure you have the best grip tape for your needs by using Hornet Watersports Silicone Grip Tape. This self-adhesive tape doesn't require any sticky glue, making it perfect for carbon fiber paddles. The tape is easy to remove and install, so you can replace it when the grip wears out. One roll of this silicone grip tape can cover approximately 2-3 paddle grips, so it's quite economical.

Tommy Tape Silicone Rubber Grip Wrap

Best Kayak Grip Tape For Maximum Grip

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Why It's a Great Choice:

Kayak season is in full swing and that means it's time to make sure your paddles are ready for the water! Tommy Tape Silicone Rubber Grip Wrap can help prevent blisters and ensure a safe, non-slip grip. The ribbed texture provides extra traction, while the silicone rubber construction is weather resistant and long-lasting. Make sure you're prepared for a summer of kayaking fun with Tommy Tape Silicone Rubber Grip Wrap!

Top Things to Know:

When it comes to kayaking, having a good grip on your paddle is essential for a successful outing. This summer, make sure you have the best kayak grip tape with Tommy Tape Silicone Rubber Grip Wrap. The ridges on this special tape transform it into an even more reliable and comfortable grip. Plus, the silicone rubber material is quick-drying and great for outdoor conditions. And unlike other tapes that can leave residue behind, this self-fusing tape will not damage your paddle in any way.

Burnwater Fusion Paddle Grip Tape

Best Kayak Grip Tape For A Smooth Ridge Free Grip

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Why It's a Great Choice:

Kayakers, rejoice: we've finally found the best kayak grip tape on the market! This stuff is amazing - it's made of high-quality silicone, so it sticks to your paddle like nothing else. And it comes in a triangular profile, which results in a smooth, ridge-free grip. You'll never lose control of your kayak again with this stuff on your paddle!

Top Things to Know:

Kayakers looking for the best kayak grip tape to keep their paddles in hand this summer need look no further! The Burnwater Fusion Paddle Grip Tape is a high-quality specially formulated silicon material that provides superior performance over wax or adhesive tapes. This tape is perfect for those who want to keep their paddles firmly in hand while paddling in the summer heat. The Burnwater Fusion Paddle Grip Tape is available in a variety of colors to match your kayaking gear, and it comes in a convenient 36-inch roll. You will love the performance of this tape.

Best Kayak Grip Tape FAQ:

Kayaks are a lot of fun, but they can be tough to maneuver - especially if your hands start to slip off the paddle.

Not only is it frustrating when your hands start to slip, but it can also be dangerous. You need a grip that will keep you safe and in control while you're paddling.

Kayak grip tape is the answer! This easy-to-install tape will give you a solid grip on your paddle so you can stay in control while you're enjoying the water. Here is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about kayak grip tape so you can make your next purchase with total and complete confidence!

What is kayak grip tape?

Kayak grip tape is a specialized adhesive tape used to provide a better grip on the paddle shaft. This is important especially when the kayaker needs more power or needs to make sudden adjustments.

There are a lot of different types and brands of kayak grip tape available in the market, but it is important to choose the right one for your need. The best kayak grip tape should be durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions, have good adhesion so it doesn't peel off easily, and provide a good grip even when wet.

What are the benefits of using kayak grip tape?

Kayak grip tape is a great way to improve your paddling experience while on the water. It can help you to have more control over your kayak, and it can also provide you with more stability. Additionally, kayak grip tape can help reduce hand fatigue, and prevent blisters and other injuries that can occur when you are paddling for extended periods of time.

Grip tapes can also replace the need for paddling gloves, giving you more feel, comfort, and control!

How do I apply kayak grip tape?

In order to apply kayak grip tape, follow these simple steps:

1) Remove the old grip tape, if there is any, by peeling it off carefully.

2) Clean the surface of the paddle well with alcohol or a degreaser so that the new grip tape will stick well.

3) Separate the tape backing liner (a little at a time) and give it a stretch to let the tape activate its self-adhesive properties.

4) Apply the tape around the paddle shaft diameter and overlap the first wrap.

5) Continue down the paddle shaft by angling the tape and overlapping the previous layer by half the width of the tape. Keep stretching the tape as you wrap it around.

6) Continue wrapping down the shaft until you reach your desired length.

7) Make one final wrap that completely overlaps the end to stop it from unravelling.

8) Cut the tape with scissors to finish it off.

Make sure that you wait several hours before using your kayak paddle so that the Kayak Grip Tape has time to adhere and cure properly. Now go out and enjoy your trip!

Will kayak grip tape damage my paddle?

Applying kayak grip tape will not damage your paddle, however, care must be taken when removing the tape to avoid scratching the paddle!

When applying kayak grip tape you should only cover about two-thirds of the paddle shaft - leaving the bottom third exposed. If you cover too much of the shaft, it will increase wind resistance and make it harder for you to paddle. Additionally, be sure not to apply any Kayak Grip Tape near the blade of the paddle - this can cause durability issues and make it difficult for water to flow over the blade properly.

How long will Kayak Grip Tape last?

Most kayak paddle grips can last for a quite a long time if they are applied and maintained properly. However, it depends on your type of usage and how you care for your paddles in between sessions. If you are whitewater kayaking then it will probably only last for 1 session, but if you do calm recreational kayaking once a week then the grip can last months!

The tapes are designed to be easily replaced and are there to take most of the wear and tear away from your paddle while at the same time providing enhanced grip and safety. Simply replace the grip as needed.

How do I remove Kayak Grip Tape if I don't like it or want to change it?

These grip tapes are designed to bond to themselves and are not glued on so removal is cleaner than usual with no adhesives to scrape off. It still takes some force to separate the tape layers but once you peel up the start of the wrap the rest will unravel much easier.

Final Thoughts About Kayak Grip Tapes

Kayakers, it’s time to get your paddle on! Well, not really. You need to have a good grip on your paddle if you want to make the most of your kayaking experience this summer. And by “grip” we mean Kayak Grip Tape. This stuff is essential for keeping your hands from slipping off the paddle in those hot and sweaty moments when you need maximum control out there on the water. So which Kayak Grip Tape should you choose?

It's time to stop using DIY 'solutions' like electrical tape or messy adhesive tapes that aren't designed specifically for water sports! Instead, we did the research and found what we believe are the best kayak grip tapes out there!